Words of Affirmation and Power of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are so prevalent, important, and powerful yet somehow subtle, so subtle that people don't even notice it being the underlining governor in our minds and inside our life's experiences. Words of affirmation have conditioned us with techniques that most people have not considered in their adult years.

For instance, we've been conditioned from school, through things such as mathematics, to generate problems for ourselves over and over again. Through each of the different equations we had to get to solve all the many problem-solving questions that math teachers gave their students, but still are giving them today... we have been conditioned to create problems for ourselves. This is often turned into good if it forces us to get answers to where our attention and focus are more steered toward solutions but unfortunately with the mental overwhelming of mind activity, and insufficient concentration, we focus more on the issues and create more problems for ourselves.

But on https://medium.com/mind-altar/50-powerful-positive-self-love-affirmations-for-daily-success-and-money-list-of-i-am-7f166bac76d9 have seen what "Problem Solving" so much in our youth that people have hardwired our brains to search out and notice problems just to solve them for the chemical rush of being right, which can put us in circumstances to refining our skills for the reason that area. But most schools, at the same time of flooding students with problems to resolve, have numerous intellectual commitments, assignments, test, exams, essay papers and several other things that keep carefully the mind at a constant turbulent multi tasking state.

This unfortunately makes it harder for kids to realize and expand their talents and concentration skills and interest because they are mentally tired from all of the requirements of problem solving. Whenever things appear to be going right, the minds is conditioned to seek out a problem that's hidden and the world respond and bring us situations to deal with that we interpret as problems to resolve.

Not a lot of attention was placed into concentration, contemplation, mental rehearsal and imagination. More of the eye was on problem solving and measuring apartness and separation and calculating reactions and implementing solutions. This is often effective if used rightly but we fail to ascend from the problematic limited thought process to the expressions of creativity, abundance and infinite possibilities ways of thinking.

This same mentality has creeped in to the minds of most adults and the term job may be the new school for problem solving mechanisms with a couple form of "work". We've forgotten unconditional love and hardwired our families to be computers to survive in this tough financial problem solving society.

The love has been striped out of families for survival because on an unconscious level we've prepared and organized our brains to seek out problems to resolve without us even knowing it which cripples the idea of enhancing and refining our skill to strategies and master challenges in a subconscious and automatic implicit way for a desired outcome using concentration and pure powerful thinking.

We seem to have already been stuck in a problem-seeking mode and when we get overwhelmed we go on vacation with the household to catch through to expressing love and life. Our spirit guide knows that it requires love to continue life's full expression rather our minds allow it or not. This is what creates the imbalance in our wholeness because our intent at heart is different than our intent in heart.

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